VEVOR Baby Gate 29.5"-39"/ 48.4"/ 53"/ 57.8" Extra Wide 30" High Dog Gate for Stairs Doorways and House Auto Close Security Gate

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Color - White 29.5-39 in
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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: KH(Origin)

Material: Stainless Steel

Type: Dogs

Brand: VEVOR

Angle: 180 Degrees

Color: White / Black

Height: 30 inches/762 mm

Latch Mechanism: 3-Step Opening, Bottom Automatic Locking

Material: Iron (Powder-Coated) and Plastic

Latch Handle: Dual-Lock Tongue Structure, ABS

Bar Spacing: 2.1 inches/53 mm

Door Opening Width: >21 inches/533 mm

Tensile Strength: >45 lbs/20 kg

Impact Resistance: 33 lbs/15 kg

Net Weight: 4.2 / 4.9 / 5.6 / 6.35 kg

VEVOR Baby Gate – Guardian of Your Little One
Every family with a bundle of joy needs our baby gate. Expandable to fit varying door sizes, it promises a secure environment for both your toddlers and furry pals.
Our dog gate rocks a dual-lock system so simple it's genius. Adults can easily swing it open with just one hand. It's child and pet-proof, curbing those mischievous escape attempts.
With an opening width greater than 21 inches, strollers breeze through without a hitch. Standing tall at 30 inches, our stair gate ensures little adventurers and excited pets don't leap over.
Choose between pressure or hardware mounting. The pressure mount spares your walls from drills and can be set up and taken down with ease. Stairs? We recommend the hardware option.
Stairs, bedrooms, front doors, kitchens – this child gate's got it covered. Keep your little ones safely away from stairs and potential hazard zones.
Features & Details
  • Adjust On the Fly: Home layouts differ, but our baby gate doesn't mind! Swing it across doorways ranging from 29.5 to 39 inches (749 to 990 mm). Whether it's a cozy nook or a grand hallway, we've got your back and your baby's space!

  • Swing it Both Ways: Our 180° dual-swing dog gate has got moves. It stays wide open at 90° and snaps shut if it's anything less. Parenting is hard, but using our gate isn't: pull, lift, and voilà! Plus, with our double-lock, your curious kiddo or pet isn't getting through.

  • Step Through, Not Over: Say goodbye to awkward sidesteps! Our stair gate's generous opening width (>21 inches/533 mm) lets strollers roll and parents stroll. At a sturdy 30 inches/762 mm tall, it's just the right height to keep adventurous tots and pouncing pets where you want them.

  • Dual Installation Methods: Choose between pressure mounting for a no-fuss setup or hardware mounting for that extra secure fit. The child gate can be set up in just 10 minutes without damaging your walls for pressure mounting. And, if stairs are involved, just go the hardware route for top-notch security.

  • Built Tough for Tumbles and Tail-Wags: Made with robust, rust-resistant iron, this puppy gate stands strong against both the toddler tests and the tail-wag trials. Our 2.1 inches/53 mm rail spacing is all about security, keeping tiny heads out and furry friends in so you can breathe easy and laugh more.

1.White 29.5-39 inches Specifications

2.White 29.5-48.4 inches Specifications
3.White 29.5-53 inches Specifications
4.White 29.5-57.8 inches Specifications
1.Black 29.5-39 inches Specifications
2.Black 29.5-48.4 inches Specifications
3.Black 29.5-53 inches Specifications
4.Black 29.5-57.8 inches Specifications