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$16.10 USD
Color - Pink


About this item

• Funny cat ball specifications: single weight: 12g; size: 50mm; material: EVA.

• Simulate the real sounds of animals: three different sounds; frogs; crickets; and birds; smart touch sounds (Reminder: When there is no sound; please slam the bottom plate vigorously to solve the problem of no sound. If the problem is not solved; contact us and we can help you solve the problem.)

• Catnip can be added: Open the lid; you can add catnip to the ball; which can attract the cat's attention. (Does not include Catnip)

• Cat interactive toys: The cry of animals can more effectively stimulate the cat's hunting instinct; and the gift of cat toy can better attract the cat.

• Healthy choice: Obesity is a hidden danger of cat disease. Let your cat exercise and stay healthy by your side.