Purina ONE Plus Large Breed Puppy Food Dry Formula

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Brand:Purina ONE


Provide your large breed puppy with the nutrition their growing body needs to help them grow up big and strong by serving Purina ONE Plus High Protein Large Breed Dry Puppy Food. Packed with a wealth of healthy ingredients, this high protein dog food supports strong muscles, including a healthy heart and features real chicken as the number one ingredient. To support their skin and coat and help them look their healthy and shiny best, Omega-6 fatty acids, along with dog vitamins and minerals are added to this dog kibble for results you can see. To maintain mobility and promote hip and joint health, this formula provides glucosamine for dogs. This large dog food for puppies comes packed with DHA, a nutrient found in mother’s milk, which supports vision and brain development and four antioxidant sources to promote their developing immune system. Each serving of this large breed puppy dry food will excite them with deliciously crunchy bites and tender meaty morsels that provide the Purina ONE dry dog food taste and textures puppies love with added calcium to promote strong teeth and healthy gums. To ensure that more nutrition goes to work inside your dog, this Purina ONE dry dog food is designed to be highly digestible. Help your large breed puppy start their life on the right paw by giving them the 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition of Purina ONE Plus High Protein Large Breed Dry Puppy Food.
Real chicken is the number 1 ingredient in this dry puppy food to help provide the protein he needs for strong, growing muscles, including a healthy heart.