Purina Dog Chow Real Chicken Dry Dog Food 18.5 lb Bag

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Brand:Dog Chow


Purina Dog Chow Real Chicken Dry Dog Food, This high protein dry puppy food contains 100 percent of the essential nutrients puppies require to grow big and strong through the vital early stages of his development. Packed with 30 percent more protein than the leading adult dog food, this highly digestible dog food kibble supports his growing muscles so he can keep up with his adventurous canine pursuits and let him know you care about his health and happiness.

Purina Dog Chow Real Chicken Dry Dog Food, 18.5 lb Bag

100 percent complete and balanced dry dog food for adult dogs
Hard dog food featuring 23 vitamins and minerals for dogs to help support a healthy, active life
Easily digestible Purina Dog Chow chicken flavor dog food
Crunchy dog kibble helps clean teeth
Highly digestible wholesome dog food formula.