Fenice 7.0/7.5 inch Professional Dog Grooming Shears Curved Thinning Scissors for Cutiing JP 440C High Quality toilettage chien

$104.02 USD
Color - 7.0 diamond chunker


Brand Name: Fenice

Origin: Mainland China


Material: Stainless Steel

Model Number: QW-7XXXT

Type: Dogs

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About Product
1. The products you buy go through three quality checks before they leave the warehouse and are qualified before they are sent out, so please rest assured of the quality of our products.
2. When you buy this scissors, we'll give you a pair of imported silicone rings for each scissors as gifts.
About Customization
We can customize your logo and logos before shipping, if you want to customize, please contact us asap. If there is no special instructions, the default on the scissors is the FENICE logo.
About Precautions
1. All scissors are rigorously tested at the factory and the screws are in the best position, so do not try to adjust the screws if necessary
2. Do not use the scissors to cut air too often
3. Avoid drops and bruises
4. Normal force can be used scissors, do not over force otherwise it is easy to cause card edge
5. Wipe clean with sheepskin after use
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