Double-layer cat Tree with cat house and ladder - light gray

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Main Color:Light Gray

Main Material:Particle Board


Product Features:

Sturdy and stable material:High-quality particleboard has a high-density structure and excellent durability, which can ensure the overall stability of the cat tree and the safety of the cat when jumping around;

Double cat house design:The double-layer cat house provides ample rest space for your cat. Each layer iscomfortablyfor daily sleep;

Plush ball accessories:Asmall pompom is hung on the top to decorate the cat tree and add fun to the cat's play;

The product is easy to assemble:Equipped with a detailed manual so that you can easily assemble according to the steps;

Ladder design:The thoughtful ladder helps your kitten to climb up and down easily. The surface that is wrapped withthe natural sisal can rubthe cat's claws as much as possible during play.



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Color:light grayMaterial:Particleboard + flannelProduct size: 19.7*17.7*34.8 inchesNet weight: 30.4 lbs