(Do Not Sell on Amazon) Multi-Level Cat Tree Modern Cat Tower Wooden Activity Center with Scratching Posts Beige

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Color - Beige




Not too steep and of medium height, this cat tree spares you from such worry that your small or old cat friend may climb too high to hurt themselves. All the platforms are spacious enough to accommodate two cats. Its medium size and neat design are perfect for you if your cat already has a comfortable house and you just want to buy him a climbing tower so that he can always have a look outside through the window. Its beige and white color can well fit in your house decoration. This cat tree can be cleaned either with a lint roller or by giving it a scrub. The top groove is designed to give your baby cat a feeling of embracement, which is vital to her sense of safety.


1. MODERN DESIGN: The wooden elements added in this cat tower and the irregular platforms modernize the whole cat tree. When designing this cat tree, the color of beige was widely employed to create a warm and harmonious tone. It can also be perfectly fit in furniture with various styles.

2. MULTI-PLATFORM FUN: Four levels keep feline fun on the rise, with plenty of jumping platforms and a hole to drill. These platforms can be used for both rest and exercise.

3. CURVED PERCH: The top groove design gives your cat a feeling of being embraced, and hence coziness and sense of safety. They could lie on it to have a relax and enjoy the scenery in the distance.

4. SAFE & STURDY: The base plate of the cat tree is reinforced and will not shake and fall when your baby cat climbs or jumps up and down. The perching platform is made of the CARB-certified particle boards, thus strong enough to bear an adult cat.

5. PROFEESIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE- Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will provide professional customer service both before and after sales. We will try our best to make every customer satisfied with this purchase.


Dimension : 21.3''x21.3''x49'' (54x54x124.5cm)

Weight: 29.92 lbs / 13.6kg

Color: Beige

Material: CARB-certified Board, Sisal Rope


1×cat tree


This cat tree is suitable for small and medium cats.