1pc Abs Plastic Pet Cat Dog Screen Door Free Entry Magnetic Door With Window Pet Accessories For Wooden Door 24x4x29cm Flap Door

$43.02 USD
Color - Black


Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Plastic

Type: cats

Choice: yes

Selling points:

1. Can be installed on wooden doors. High-performance ABS door frame and sand mesh door fan combination, durable.

2. Installed in accordance with the cut-out version, simple and convenient. Two forms, in line with the daily habits of cats!

3. Screen mesh window design, peeping net mouth can be observed through, the window outside the pet.

4. Push-type card lock design, two ways to control, pet access more convenient.

5. Suction iron point design, both sides of the door frame have suction iron positioning.

Material: ABS plastic

Size: outer door frame 29*24*6.5cm; inner door frame 25*16.5*4cm

Net weight: 431g

Packaging: boxed

Installation instructions:

1. Use tools: pencil, chainsaw, drill, screwdriver, tape measure, transparent tape

2. will fix the template to the door to draw the shape of the door hole, as the cat door no threshold directly to the cat door along the bottom of the door panel can be installed

3. Use a wire saw machine with a saw blade to start cutting along the bottom of the door, open the door hole

4. Cat door thickness is 4cm, cat door can be cut according to their needs

5. Install the back door frame into the open door hole, mark the screw holes, and remove the door piece

6. Use the drill bit to mark the screw holes well

7. Install the front door frame and back door frame into the open hole, and tighten the screws.

8. Play a good screw cover the screw cap will be pressed down hard to cover the installation is complete

Package list.

Pet door x 1

Screw package x 1

Instruction manual x 1