Wooden Cat Tree 4 Levels Platform for Large Cats Featuring with Fully Scratching Posts; Hammock; Padded Perch and Dangling Ball

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This wooden Cat tree is designed for cat parents who is looking for modern and beautiful furniture while not compromising its function and comfort. It fits better in modern and trendy decor. It provides more platforms for cat to do all the thing they love from lounging; playing and scratching.


1. PLENTY RELAXATION AREA: It is equipped with a private apartment with 1 entrances and a soft pillow inside provide a quiet and comfortable area to curl up for snoozing and hiding way. The cat hammock besides and a cushioned top perch offer your feline sufficient choice to nap or lounge.
2. STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Constructed by carb-certified natural particle boards and strengthened with battens at the bottom to ensure overall stability; The security strap allows it to be anchored to the wall for double safety and prevents from tippling over.
3. FULL OF ENJOYMENT FOR YOUR CAT: 3 fully scratching posts and sisal ramp covered by natural sisal provide different scratching surface for cats to sharpen their claws keeping them away from your expensive furniture. And the dangling balls which is replacement add hours fun for your cat.
4. MULTI LEVEL: It comes with 4 level platforms provide a lot fun of climbing up and down for different height that satisfy their daily exercise. Your feline will love to sit or lay down on the top perch to survey his castle and enjoy the bird watching.
5. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We will provide you with professional customer service both before and after your purchase; don't wait any longer; add this to your home today!


Dimension : 19.3''x19.3''x57.1'' (49x49x145 cm)

Weight: 36.3 lbs / 16.5kg

Color: Gray


1×cat tree


This cat tree is suitable for small to adult cats.


绿色向日葵猫台带有躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱;  底部有猫玩具;  可以休息和抓挠;  适合各类猫使用-15绿色向日葵猫台带有躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱;  底部有猫玩具;  可以休息和抓挠;  适合各类猫使用-16绿色向日葵猫台带有躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱;  底部有猫玩具;  可以休息和抓挠;  适合各类猫使用-17绿色向日葵猫台带有躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱;  底部有猫玩具;  可以休息和抓挠;  适合各类猫使用-18绿色向日葵猫台带有躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱;  底部有猫玩具;  可以休息和抓挠;  适合各类猫使用-19绿色向日葵猫台带有躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱;  底部有猫玩具;  可以休息和抓挠;  适合各类猫使用-20绿色向日葵猫台带有躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱;  底部有猫玩具;  可以休息和抓挠;  适合各类猫使用-21绿色向日葵猫台带有躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱;  底部有猫玩具;  可以休息和抓挠;  适合各类猫使用-22绿色向日葵猫台带有躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱;  底部有猫玩具;  可以休息和抓挠;  适合各类猫使用-23绿色向日葵猫台带有躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱;  底部有猫玩具;  可以休息和抓挠;  适合各类猫使用-24绿色向日葵猫台带有躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱;  底部有猫玩具;  可以休息和抓挠;  适合各类猫使用-25绿色向日葵猫台带有躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱;  底部有猫玩具;  可以休息和抓挠;  适合各类猫使用-26绿色向日葵猫台带有躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱;  底部有猫玩具;  可以休息和抓挠;  适合各类猫使用-27