Touchdog 'Lumiglow' 2-in-1 USB Charging LED Lighting Water-Resistant Dog Leash and Collar

$40.26 USD Precio habitual $45.29
Color - Black


The Leash and Collar Completely Illuminate at the press of either button located on the Collar or the Leash (Or both) while offering both flash and solid light settings

Composed of Heavy-Duty Nylon and Mesh with Dual-Reinforced Stitching for complete Durability with Chrome-Coated Connecting Rings and Swivel Hook

Both the Leash and the Collar are Rechargeable via USB, No Batteries required!

Reflective Stitching all around the Collar and Leash for further added night protection, Comfortable Handle-Grip and is further Water-Resistant

Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors




The Touchdog ®'Lumiglow' 2-in-1 USB Charging LED Lighting Water-Resistant Dog Leash and Collar is composed of a high-strength Nylon material with sporty pocketed mesh outer-lining stitched into the collar. Features built-in LED lights throughout the outer edged lining of both the Leash and the Collar with facilitated interval flash lighting or solid light settings controlled at the press of a button located separately on both the collar and the leash for complete night visibility and safety. Completely rechargeable via USB and no batteries are required to operate. Fully charges in less than 25 minutes for up to 6 hours of battery life per single charge. Furthermore both the leash and collar feature reflective embedded stitching for added night safety and protection. The leash handle is inner cushioned for added comfort. Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors.

Sizing Guide (INCHES)

SMALL: LEASH LENGTH: 48" WIDTH: 0.59" NECK GIRTH: 10.63" - 13"
MEDIUM: LEASH LENGTH: 48" WIDTH: 0.78" NECK GIRTH: 13.78" - 16.53"
LARGE: LEASH LENGTH: 48" WIDTH: 0.98" NECK GIRTH: 17.71" - 21.65"

Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Watt hours: 8