Touchcat 'Claw-ver Nest' Rounded Scratching Cat Bed w/ Teaser Toy

$85.23 USD Precio habitual $95.89
Color - Khaki


Scratch-proof Exo-shell on the Body and Removable Cushion

Built-in Triple-Pom-Pom and Rope for Playactive fun with Embellished Embroidery throughout the exterior

Reversed with Fleece on the Body and Cushion. High Grade Inner-Fill within the Cushion for Premium Comfort

Insertable Cushion is Removable and Machine Washable

Available in Multiple Colors




Touchcat 'Claw-ver Nest' Rounded Scratching Cat Bed w/ Built-in Teaser Toy is composed of a Extremely Durable Nylon blended Scratch-proof cylindrical exterior shell that is durable enough to withstand a cats paws from damaging the surface. This fabric is also used on the reverse side of the interior cushion that is further reversed with an ultra-soft sherpa-like cotton material. The inner walls are composed of comfortable Polar Fleece. The inner cushion is inner-lined with High-grade Polyfill for superior plush comfort when lounging. Features surround stitched embroidery and stitching and reinforced-tubed stitching for long-lasting durability. The included cushion zips open and enables the inner cushion to be placed directly into the wash. Features a Built-in Pom-pom teaser toy for interactive play. Available in Multiple Colors.

Sizing Specifications: (Inches) L x W x H
One size: 17.7" x 17.7" x 10.6"