Sensitive Skin and Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Salmon and Rice Formula

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High protein dog food formula, with real salmon as the first ingredient, made without artificial colors or flavors.

This sensitive stomach and skin formula, with nutrient-rich dog food salmon as the first ingredient, ensures that each bite packs a powerfully tasty high protein dog food flavor backed by essential adult dog food nutrition to help support your dog's skin and stomach, as well as his entire well-being.

Salmon is used as a high-quality source of protein, and because fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it helps support your dog's joint health and mobility. We also add omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin A, which help keep your dog's coat shiny and his skin healthy. Proudly manufactured at Purina-owned U.S. facilities, our specialized dry dog food for sensitive skin contains nutrients that help keep your loyal companion as healthy as possible.

Formulated without corn, wheat or soy, this dog kibble includes oat meal and rice as sources of easily digestible carbohydrates for your dog. Our SPECIALIZED platform offers multiple products to support your dog as his nutritional needs change, as well as to nourish new dogs you add to your family with unique needs of their own. Each

Whether you are trying to meet the needs of a toy, large breed, a dog who needs to lose weight or a dog with a sensitive stomach, there is a specialized formula for you to feed him confidently. Give your dog the specialized nutrition he needs and the great taste he craves with the Specialized dog food.