Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic Cat Litter Box for Multiple Cats with APP Control/Safety Protection

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  • Safety and Convenience: Our self-cleaning cat litter box features advanced infrared and weight sensors, ensuring a safe and hassle-free toilet experience for your beloved cat. It automatically pauses when your cat approaches, providing ultimate protection.
  • Odor-Elimination and Silent Operation: Say goodbye to unpleasant odors with our automatic cat litter box's odor elimination system. It creates a comfortable and hygienic environment for both you and your cat. Enjoy the silent operation at only 35 dB, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Compatibility with All Cat Litter Types: Designed to accommodate all brands and types of cat litter, including tofu, mineral, Bentonite, and mixed litters. It offers versatility to meet any preference or requirement you may have for your feline companions.
  • Large Capacity for Multiple Cats: With a spacious interior of 65L, our smart litter box is specifically designed to comfortably accommodate multiple cats ranging from 2.2lbs to 28lbs in weight. It provides ample room for all your cats and reduces the frequency of cleaning with its spacious dustbin, offering convenience in multi-cat households.


自动清洁猫砂盒, 多猫自动猫砂盒, APP控制/安全保护,65L-9自动清洁猫砂盒, 多猫自动猫砂盒, APP控制/安全保护,65L-10自动清洁猫砂盒, 多猫自动猫砂盒, APP控制/安全保护,65L-11自动清洁猫砂盒, 多猫自动猫砂盒, APP控制/安全保护,65L-12自动清洁猫砂盒, 多猫自动猫砂盒, APP控制/安全保护,65L-13自动清洁猫砂盒, 多猫自动猫砂盒, APP控制/安全保护,65L-14自动清洁猫砂盒, 多猫自动猫砂盒, APP控制/安全保护,65L-15