Pet Life 'Geo-prene' 2-in-1 Shock Absorbing Neoprene Padded Reflective Dog Leash and Harness

$55.25 USD Precio habitual $62.15
Color - Orange


Features distinctive Neoprene Padding along the Handle and the Dog Harness for complete Comfort

Features High-Grade Alloy Swivel Safety Lock Leash Attachment, Rings and Stainless Steel Quick-Connecting Buckles

Features an Elastic Accordion-like band by the leash that provides less stress along the neck area when tugging

Features 3M Reflective Stitching around the Dog Collar and Leash for complete Night Visibility with a Safety Above-Top Neoprene rescue and Training handle

Features a Unique Mathcing Sporty Geometric Pattern along the leash. Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors


Brand:Pet Life


Pet Life ® 'Geo-prene' 2-in-1 Shock Absorbing Neoprene Padded Reflective Dog Leash and adjustable Harness is composed of Geometrically patterned Nylon webbing with Dual-Reinforced stitching and Neoprene padding at the top and belly of the Dog Harness and Leash handle for complete Durability and Comfort. The end portion of the Leash features a buffered and expandable looped elastic band that's designed to further place less tension around the chest while tugging or pulling for added comfort. Features reflective embedded stitching around the matching Harness and Leash for complete night safety and visibility. Engineered and equipped with Metal Alloy engraved Quick-Connecting buckles on the harness and a unique and sporty swivel leash connector with a screw top mechanism that completely secures the leash and collar and provides a Multi-Directional pulling or tugging experience. Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors.

Sizing Guide (INCHES)

SMALL: LEASH LENGTH: 48" WIDTH: 0.59" CHEST GIRTH: 13.77" - 19.68"
MEDIUM: LEASH LENGTH: 48" WIDTH: 0.78" CHEST GIRTH: 19.68" - 27.55"
LARGE: LEASH LENGTH: 48" WIDTH: 0.98" CHEST GIRTH: 25.6" - 35.43"