(Do Not Sell on Amazon) Cat Scratching Post Cactus Cat Scratcher Featuring with 3 Scratching Poles and Interactive Dangling Ball XH

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INTRODUCTION: Unlike traditional cat scratching post; the cactus cat post looks unique in your modern home. It comes with 3 different height of posts can satisfy multiple cats’ scratching at the same time.


1. Unique Design: This Cat scratching post with 3 scratching poles covered with green natural sisal and carpet standing on the round base like a mimic cactus rising from the golden desert looks cute and fresh that help blend into any modern decor and add fun flair to any room.

2. Various Height of Fun: A variety of post height from satisfies all ages of cats’ scratching habit and stretching. It offer a perfect place for cats to relieve their stress; encourage their natural desire for a good scratch and save your expensive furniture from little tiger’s clawing.

3. Premium Choice: The base and top part are both covered in soft carpet that feels good on the paws; especially for adventurous kitties that want to jump to the top. It comes with 2 sizes. The medium post is suggest for cats up to '10lbs' and the large post is recommend for Adult cat.

4. Additional Benefit: Designed with cats in mind. It is equipped with hanging toy stimulate their prey-like behavior like pouncing and swatting and enhance their playing time with it and provide extra fun for them.

5. Simple Assembly: Simple construction with 3 posts and a base requires minor assembling. The step by step instruction make it more easy. You can set it up in minutes or seconds.


Dimension :

M Size: 12.6''x12.6''x20.9'' (32x32x53 cm);  Weight: 5.06lbs / 2.3kg

L Size: 16.5''x16.5''x27'' (42x42x68.5 cm);  Weight: 9.24lbs / 4.2kg

Color: Green; Orange; Brown

Material: MDF Board


1 x Cat Scratching Post
1 x Manual


This cat tree is suitable for small cats.