Cod And Chicken Lollipop Dog Food,Pet Treats Chicken And Green Vegetable Pet Food ,Organic Pet Snacks Dog Chews Deodorizing Clean Teeth,Dog Training Snacks,8oz

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Traning Rewards:Great training reward treats for your best friend in dog behavior training. Dog treats can promote the harmonious relationship between you and your furry friends.

All Nature & Grain Free:These 100% natural, grain free dog treats have no artificial ingredients, fillers, or preservatives & provide a safe snack for dogs with food allergies or sensitive stomachs, accordingly they grow up healthily and happily.

Confident.Ideal for easy storage; the pouch is resealable which locks in freshness and prevents odors from escaping. You can carry dog trews around when you go outside for walk or camp.

Cod is a calcium-rich food that helps develop bones, prevent joint disease, and maintain healthy teeth in pets.

Chicken and cod are both low GI foods, which can stabilize your pet's blood sugar levels and prevent metabolic diseases such as diabetes.




Pet snack is very popular among dogs. Dog treats can be used as a training prop for dogs, but also can enhance the bond between dogs and owners. Dog snacks is a very good food.composition: cod35% chicken 15% vegatable 4% firber stikcs 30% soy protrin5% glycerin4% corn starch3% Tapioca starch2% sorbital powder 1.8% salt0.2%