Cat Water Fountain, Automatic Cat Fountain 3L/101oz, Dog Water Dispenser with Adjustable Pump, Cat Drinking Fountains with 2 Filters, (FBA shipping, not using Amazon logistics)

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  • - [101oz LARGE CAPACITY] Stay hydrated to prevent kidney and urinary tract diseases. Perfect for dogs, cats, and multiple pet households. No worries about your pets running out of water, even when you're away.
  • - [ULTIMATE HYDRATION FOR PETS] 2 replacement filters ensure pure and healthy water all day. Maintain water purity, increase oxygen content, and provide hygienic water for your beloved pets. Clean filters every 2 weeks.
  • - [INTELLIGENT PET WATER FOUNTAIN] Auto-detects low water levels and shuts off to save the pump. Safer for your furry friend. Upgrade to our intelligent pump for the perfect hydration solution your pet deserves.
  • - [Premium Quality Cat Water Dispenser] Crafted from food-grade materials with BPA-free design for durability and safety. Water-level window allows easy monitoring of water consumption. Invest in our practical pet water fountain for your pets' lifestyle.
  • - [Ultra-quiet Pet Fountain] Low consumption water pump operates under 35dB, providing uninterrupted rest for your furry friends. Low-energy design with a remarkable 2-year lifespan. Choose our premium pet water dispenser for reliable hydration.

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