Cat Tree with Litter Box Enclosure for Indoor Cars

$235.90 USD Precio habitual $265.39
Color - Gray


Private Poop Time for Cats: Designed with a large hidden litter box enclosure, the 2-in-1 cat tree will protect your furry friends' privacy and reduce unpleasant smells. Besides, there is a scratching board and winding entry to avoid cats bring litter to your floor.

All-in-one Cat Tree: The tall cat tree includes a spacious plush perch, 2 comfy condos in varying sizes, providing roomy space for multiple cats to rest. With 2 platforms, cats can easily get up and down. Besides, 2 dangling balls will amuse cats for hours. And the self groomer will help cats remove loose hair.

Protect Claws and Furniture: Equipped with sisal wrapped scratching posts, the cat tree tower allows your cats to scratch their claws and save your furniture from their playful attacks. Besides, the cat tree features a sisal ramp, enabling cats to climb and scratch.

Superior Stability is Assured: With an anti-toppling fitting, every jump your cats make is fully supported to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. To further enhance stability, the cat litter box furniture comes with adjustable foot pads, ensuring perfect balance on any uneven surfaces.

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Color Grey
Material MDF, Plush, Sisal
Overall Dimensions 37.5"x 22"x 68"
Cat Litter Box Enclosure Size 26"x 21.5"x 18"
Large Cat Condo Size 19"x 10"x 10"
Small Cat Condo Size 12"x 10"x 10"
Scratching Board Size 18.5"x 8"
Top Perch Size 12.5"x 3.5"
Weight Capacity 44 lbs
Net Weight 78.5 lbs



-5-tier cat tree offers multi-level fun for cats
-Hidden cat litter box enclosure offers more privacy for cats
-Equipped with 2 condos for large and small cats
-3.5" thick soft plush perch provides good view for furry friends
-Sisal wrapped scratching posts is suitable for cats to grind claws
-2-in-1 ramp will meet the instincts of scratching and climbing
-Removable scratching board help protect the floor from getting stained
-2 dangling balls meet cats' hunting instincts
-Allow cats to maintain healthy hair with cat self groomer
-Anti-topping device minimizes the risk of tipping over
-Wide base and 5 adjustable foot pads ensure stability
-Slightly tilted platform with scratching mats ensures safe jumping
-Removable and washable cushion provides clean and cozy rest spot
-Winding entry promotes ventilation and provide easy access
-Magnetic catch and convenient handle ensure easy door opening
-Waterproof surface is easy to clean and maintain