Cat Litter Pan Semi-Closed Anti-Splash with Litter Extra Large Cat Litter Box Anti-Odor Cat Poop Pan Cat Supplies

$40.90 USD Precio habitual $46.01
Color - Yellow


Splash Guard Design: The semi-enclosed cat litter box comes equipped with a splash guard to prevent litter from spilling outside, keeping your home clean and tidy.

Extra-Large Size: Designed with ample space for your cat to move comfortably, the extra-large size ensures a spacious and comfortable environment, suitable for cats of all breeds and sizes.

Odor Control Technology: Say goodbye to unpleasant smells with the advanced odor-proof feature. The cat litter box is designed to contain and neutralize odors, providing a fresh and inviting space for your feline friend.

Easy to Clean: The thoughtful design includes easy-access features for quick and hassle-free cleaning. Maintain a hygienic environment for your cat with the convenient, removable tray that simplifies the cleaning process.

Stylish and Functional: This cat care essential not only prioritizes functionality but also adds a touch of style to your living space. The sleek design blends seamlessly with your home decor, making it a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to your cat's corner.


Introducing our innovative Semi-Enclosed Cat Litter Box – the ideal solution for a clean, odor-free, and comfortable environment for your beloved feline companion. Here's an in-depth description to highlight the unique features and benefits of this must-have cat care product:


Splash Guard for Mess-Free Living: Our cat litter box is intelligently designed with a splash guard, ensuring that litter stays where it belongs. No more scattered mess around the box – enjoy a clean home and minimize your cleaning efforts.


Spacious and Comfortable Haven: Catering to the well-being of your cat, this litter box boasts an extra-large size, providing ample space for movement and ensuring your cat's comfort during every visit. Suitable for cats of all breeds and sizes, it's a sanctuary for relaxation and personal business.


Advanced Odor Control Technology: Bid farewell to unpleasant odors. Our litter box features cutting-edge odor control technology, effectively containing and neutralizing unwanted smells. Enjoy a fresh and inviting atmosphere in your home, even in the vicinity of your cat's litter area.

Effortless Cleaning for Hygiene: We understand the importance of a clean environment. Our litter box is designed with easy cleaning in mind. The removable tray facilitates quick and hassle-free cleaning, promoting a hygienic space for your cat and maintaining a harmonious living environment.


Aesthetic Appeal Meets Functionality: Beyond its functionality, our cat litter box is a stylish addition to your home decor. The sleek design seamlessly integrates with your living space, making it a practical and visually pleasing accessory. Elevate your cat's corner with this blend of style and functionality.


Invest in the well-being of your cat and the cleanliness of your home by choosing our Semi-Enclosed Cat Litter Box. It's not just a pet care product; it's an investment in a harmonious living space for both you and your feline friend. Thank you for choosing our product.