Pet Heating Pad Waterproof Electric Heating Mat Warming Blanket with 9 Heating Modes

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Color - Brown


Great Gifts for Pets in Winter



*Great Gifts for Pets in Winter*:Upgraded 17.7 x 17.7in heating pads keep your beloved family members(dog,cat,rabbit,etc.) warm and comfortable during winter. An ideal gift for senior pets,arthritic pets,new born pets,pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury,etc..
*Temperature Adjustable Pad*:Featured with 9 levels of heating temperature,you can select the most comfortable temperature range of 95-122°F via the controller at will to suit your pet.
*4 Timer Settings*:Simply press the "Timer" button on the controller to set the time of 2-6-8-12 hours. And it will auto shut off when reach the setting time,ensuring the safety of the pet,conserving energy,and preventing burns caused by excessive heating.
*Chewing-Resistant Tube*:Adding a chewing-resistant tube around the UL-certified cord close to pad,can better protect your pets from getting electric shock,perfect for those naughty pets who love to bite. Note:Indoor use only.
*Removable & Washable Cover*:Made of super soft plush,skin-friendly cover gives your pet comfort and warmth. When your pet urinate or drip on it,you just need to wash the cover as it can be easily removed and machine washed,and wipe pad clean with a damp cloth as the heating pad is waterproof.

Matters needing attention
1. Do not fold under the energized state,curl the use
2. Do not use when wet
3. Please adjust the temperature to low temperature for long time use. It is recommended that the high temperature continuous working time should not exceed 1 hour
4. The power supply of the heating pad must be cut off when the owner is out or unattended to prevent fire. Please turn off the power supply when not in use
5. Do not use heating pads on beds or soft sofas
6. When using the heating pad,it is strictly prohibited to cover the product with heavy thermal goods(the covering will affect the normal heat dissipation of the product and cause hidden danger)
7. Children and the elderly who cannot take care of themselves are strictly prohibited to use this product without supervision
8. Please use according to the above notes to prevent potential safety hazards

How to Clean
1. Do not wash the heating pad with water or machine wash it
2. Unplug the heater pad and clean with a damp cloth
3. Do not plug in until the pad is completely dry

Product Type: Pet Heating Pad
Color Available: Brown, Grey
Material: Double-Layer Waterproof Oxford Cloth
Plug Available: 110V (US Plug)/230V(UK Plug)
Power: 20W
Temperature: 35-50°C/95-122°F
Temperature Gear: 9 Gears
Timer: 2-6-8-12Hrs
Chew Resistant Tube: 36.5cm/14.37in
Cable Length: 140cm/4.59ft
Cover Weight: 98g/0.22lbs
Heating Pad Size: 45x45x0.5cm/17.7x17.7x0.2in
Heating Pad Weight: 358g/0.79lbs
*Package Lists*:

1 x Heating Pad
1 x Detachable Cover (Grey/Brown Optional)
1 x User Manual