Pet Dog Toy Interactive Rubber Balls for Small Large Dogs Puppy Cat Chewing Toys Pet Tooth Cleaning Indestructible Dog Food Ball

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Color - blue-Squeak



Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Effectively Clean Dog Teeth
The newly designed zigzag-shaped molars can be brushed to pet dog's calculus both horzontally and vertically.Fully clean the dirt and stones of the front teeth of the pet dog.

Bite Resistant Material
This product is made of bite resistant TPR material, which will not be deformed even if dog plays with it for a long time, this product is suitable to small ,medium, and large dogs in any breeds.

Play it by themselves
Playing with this toy regularly will relive dog's anxiety boredom and improve IQ

when they are at home by themselves, preventhing destroy form furniture and clothes.