Cat Litter Box Furniture Hidden Litterbox Enclosures

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Main Color:Antique Black

Main Material:MDF


Product Features:

Multifunctional Cat Box Furniture

Litter Box Cabinet with Storage

Easy to Clean

Multi-functional Cat House



1. This is a hidden litter box cabinet with a barn door, the structure of the enclosed litter box provides a fully safe space for cats and prevents the litter from being kicked outside by cats, keeping the room neat and tidy.2. This litter box cabinet comes with 2 open storage spaces and the top of the litter box cabinet is spacious and flat, you can put magazines, pet toys and other things on the top of the cabinet.3. MDF wood boards surround the litter box cabinet, with strong waterproof and stain-resistant ability, and the MDF wood boards are smooth and won't scratch your cat.4. The door of the cat litter box cabinet has a cute hollowed out cat head pattern, which makes the cat house better ventilated and provides cats and kittens with a comfortable and pleasant life.5. This litter box cabinet can be used as a coffee table, storage cabinet and so on, in addition to being a litter box cabinet.