56L Automatic Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning Pet bedpan Remote App Control Alerts Odor Suppression, Disassembly for Multiple Cats

$740.02 USD
Color - 1 litter box


Brand Name: VOFORD

Material: Plastic

Is Smart Device: YES

Origin: Mainland China

Type: cats

  • 🐱【SUITABLE FOR MULTI-CAT FAMILY】Are you a multi-cat family? Are you so busy that you forget to scoop your cat's poop? Our automatic cat litter box will relieve you of all the above problems. This smart cat toilet will help you to scoop automatically and the APP remote can dump the litter for you with one click, which is a convenient and quick experience. Never scoop again by hand anymore.

  • 🐱【100% SAFETY】Our automatic litter box adopts the design concept of cat body engineering in the hardware. It has excellent self-cleaning function, supports all kinds of cat litter, prevents the safety hazards caused by traditional automatic litter box, and has eight safety devices to avoid your cat from getting caught and other situations. In addition, users no longer have to worry about the smell of cat poop.

  • 🐱【APP REMOTE CONTROL】Exclusive app interface design with pets at the core. We will help you record the number and time of your cat's usage in real-time, and will send you notifications. You don't have to worry about scooping your cat's litter box even if you are away from home for 7 days. It has 4 functions in our APP, which as 1)deodorization 2) poop removal 3) litter replacement function 4) recording toileting habit data to monitor the safety and health of cats.

  • 🐱【DUAL ODOR PURIFICATION】: Our self-cleaning cat litter box uses intelligent deodorizer settings, which will automatically adjust the number and length of deodorization according to your cat's toileting records. Alternatively, users can achieve odor elimination by using the one-touch deodorization function in the APP. It is worth mentioning that our toilet waste bin is equipped with a plant essential oil deodorizer box, thus reducing odor more efficiently.

  • 🐱【AFTER-SALES GUARANTEE】: We will provide a 1-year warranty for this automatic cat litter box. If you encounter problems with the network link during use, etc., please contact us immediately. The contact information is as follows: 1) Call the customer service hotline (USA:1-888-900-4007) 2) Submit problem feedback through the APP we will help you solve the problem within 12 hours