30ml Pet Dog Spray Inducer Dog Toilet Training Puppy Positioning Defecation Pet Potty Training Spray LBShipping

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Color - Style A


Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Dog Litter Item Type: Other

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Pet Toilet Training Spray

Capacity: 30 ml

Target Audience: Dogs

Size: 15cm/5.91In

A: perros productos

B: Pet Toilet

C: Pet inducer

D: healthy and environmentally friendly

E: NO Harmless to Dogs

F: Dog Spray

Usage: Training Defecation

30ml Practical Pet Toilet Training Spray Dog Props Inducer Dogs Cat Puppy Pad Doggy Pee Training Toilet For Puppy Pet Supplies LBShipping

1. This product is an inducer for dog defecation training.
2. The principle of a conditioned reflex is used to teach dogs to excrete at a fixed point.
3. It is very healthy and environmentally friendly. It does not damage the olfactory and nervous system of dogs.
4. It is suitable for all dogs and the new dogs owners.
5. It can help you to solve the problem that dog urinates random and make the clean much easier.
Item type: Pet inducer
Color:As shown
Capacity:30 ml
Target audience:Dogs
Package include:
1 x Pet Toilet Training Spray

Package Includes:

1 x Pet Toilet Training Spray