Sucker Cat Jump Platform Set

$85.06 USD Precio habitual $95.69
Color - As Pic


Color: Wood color;

Material: multi-layer board+plush cloth pad+suction cup.

The product consists of three parts:

The size of the cat diving platform is 40 (L) * 30 (W) * 18 (H) cm, supported by 3 suction cups, and the plush cloth pad on the platform is connected with Velcro;

The size of the spacecraft is 40 (L) * 40 (W) * 16 (H) cm, supported by 5 suction cups;

The size of the sisal square column is 20 (L) * 14 (W) * 45 (H) cm, with a side length of 10cm and supported by four suction cups.

The three parts are connected to the suction cup using a multi-layer board with a thickness of 1.5cm, while the rest are all 1.2cm thick multi-layer boards with a suction cup diameter of 8cm.

The product includes a set of expansion screws.