Purina One +Plus Helps Minimize Hairballs Dry Cat Food 22 lb Bag

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Brand:Purina ONE


Purina One +Plus Helps Minimize Hairballs, Experience the combined power of nature and research in Purina ONE +PLUS Hairball Formula adult dry cat food. Along with a great taste cats love, this easily digestible recipe includes a SmartBlend of high-quality ingredients that get to work in your cat. Driven by nature, the hairball control cat food starts with real chicken as the #1 ingredient and has 38 grams of protein per cup, helping to support her strong muscles, including her healthy heart.

Purina One +Plus Helps Minimize Hairballs, 22 lb Bag

Natural adult dry cat food for hairball control features a natural fiber-rich blend with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help support her overall health
Easily digestible, adult cat food features a SmartBlend of high-quality ingredients, including four antioxidant sources for a strong immune system
Real chicken is the #1 ingredient in this high-protein cat food recipe, which supports strong muscles, including a healthy heart
Crunchy cat food kibble provides the textures cats love, and with added calcium, helps support her strong teeth and healthy gums
Great tasting chicken cat food kibble features deliciously crunchy bites and is crafted in Purina-owned facilities with no artificial flavors or preservatives.