Cactus Cat Tree Cat Tower with Sisal Covered Scratching Post and Cozy Condo Cat Climbing Stand with Plush Perch &Soft Hammock for Indoor Cats(Minimum Retail Price for US: USD 79.99)

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1.Fresh Cactus Design with Larger Size: Unlike traditional cat tree; this upgraded cute cactus shaped cat tower with color-saturated look; which suitable for both small and big cats will be sure to grab full attention of your cat and also perfectly fresh your living room. Also; the large base of 27.2'X16.1' ensures the stability and safety and the height of 41 inches better meets the needs of play and rest.

2. All In One Cat Tree: Nicely streamlined form design; your lovely kitties can sit on the large cushioned top perch to enjoy the feeling of being on the top; play with interactive balls when bored; be a dreamer or have a cozy rest in the hammock and condo; get full scratch on the sisal-covered post and scratch board ramp to get extra space for scratching. This playhouse works perfectly as an ideal recreation paradise!

3. Comfy and Joyful: The top perch with raised edge allows your kitty to enjoy the scenery out of the window. At the bottom; the ramp works both as a ladder going to the condo and scratching board to fully scratch and stretch themselves. Also; the condo gives your cat a half-private space to rest and play hide-and -seek; and the soft hammock is well-designed to holds cat like a lover's hug which is full of warmth and safety.

4. Superior Quality with Confidence: Security is always the priority. Sturdy construction with a large thick base could support your kittens to climb up and down safely. Solid particle board provides excellent durability and premium plush material offers a skin-friendly experience for your cute cats to lazily lounge in the hammock and condo. Also; the posts are fully covered with 100% natural sisal to perfectly meet the needs of scratching.

5. 100% Satisfied Guarantee: With the simple construction and necessary tool pack; plus detailed instruction; it is super easy to install. We will always be here to provide you with considerate and professional customer service both before and after your purchase.


Dimension: 26.8''x15.7''x41'' (68x40x104cm)

Weight: 22.66 lbs / 10.3kg

Color: Green+Brown

Material: Engineered Wood; Sisal


1 x Cat Tree
1 x Manual


This cat tree is suitable for small and medium cats.


绿色仙人掌系列猫台带有1个舒适的猫窝;  吊床和1个宽敞的顶部躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱以及猫互动玩具吊球(美国分销最低零售价USD 79.99 ;  低于最低零售价不发货)-12绿色仙人掌系列猫台带有1个舒适的猫窝;  吊床和1个宽敞的顶部躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱以及猫互动玩具吊球(美国分销最低零售价USD 79.99 ;  低于最低零售价不发货)-13绿色仙人掌系列猫台带有1个舒适的猫窝;  吊床和1个宽敞的顶部躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱以及猫互动玩具吊球(美国分销最低零售价USD 79.99 ;  低于最低零售价不发货)-14绿色仙人掌系列猫台带有1个舒适的猫窝;  吊床和1个宽敞的顶部躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱以及猫互动玩具吊球(美国分销最低零售价USD 79.99 ;  低于最低零售价不发货)-15绿色仙人掌系列猫台带有1个舒适的猫窝;  吊床和1个宽敞的顶部躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱以及猫互动玩具吊球(美国分销最低零售价USD 79.99 ;  低于最低零售价不发货)-16绿色仙人掌系列猫台带有1个舒适的猫窝;  吊床和1个宽敞的顶部躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱以及猫互动玩具吊球(美国分销最低零售价USD 79.99 ;  低于最低零售价不发货)-17绿色仙人掌系列猫台带有1个舒适的猫窝;  吊床和1个宽敞的顶部躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱以及猫互动玩具吊球(美国分销最低零售价USD 79.99 ;  低于最低零售价不发货)-18绿色仙人掌系列猫台带有1个舒适的猫窝;  吊床和1个宽敞的顶部躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱以及猫互动玩具吊球(美国分销最低零售价USD 79.99 ;  低于最低零售价不发货)-19绿色仙人掌系列猫台带有1个舒适的猫窝;  吊床和1个宽敞的顶部躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱以及猫互动玩具吊球(美国分销最低零售价USD 79.99 ;  低于最低零售价不发货)-20绿色仙人掌系列猫台带有1个舒适的猫窝;  吊床和1个宽敞的顶部躺窝;  剑麻猫抓柱以及猫互动玩具吊球(美国分销最低零售价USD 79.99 ;  低于最低零售价不发货)-21