32in Heavy Duty Dog Crate, Furniture Style Dog Crate with Removable Trays and Wheels for High Anxiety Dogs

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Main Color:Grey


Main Material:ABS


Product Features:

Sturdy & Durable Structure:Reinforced 0.6 inch diameter steel tubes. Much stronger than fine wire cages. This is a very sturdy large dog crate, even for strong, powerful and aggressive dogs.

Easy to Assembly and Clean:Most of the dog crate parts were pre-assembled. Keeping a dog is hard work, but this dog kennels will help you lighten the load.

Safe: The metal coating and board surface are non-toxic in case it is chewed or licked by the dog. The sliding bolt latch on front door to prevent the high anxiety dogs from opening the door and escaping. Feature design of small door for feeding.

Ventilation and Easy to Clean:The dog crate is surrounded by bars and can be ventilated all around to ensure good air flow. Also the dog can observe the situation from the inside out. The large crate with a removable tray can be easily cleaned within a matter of seconds.